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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 16, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is wednesday, july 16, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." lightning, wind, and rain slam the northeast, leaving thousands without power. israel ramps up air strikes and warns tens of thousands of palestinians to get out. holly williams is on the scene in gaza. 20 seasons of greatness. an all-star tribute to the captain, yankees derek jeter. >> but we begin today eestoday's opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> in all my 85 years this was a
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doo doozy. >> a severe storm hit the northeast coast. >> warnings and watches are posted from delaware to maine. >> meanwhile idaho, two inches of rain, over a foot of water making main roads impassible. >> they're urging residents to leave their homes. >> nearly 200 palestinians have died in the attacks so far. >> they will identify certain areas and they will attack them. >> i kind of prefer a home office. >> is she or isn't she making a white house return in 2016? jon stewart tried to drag it out of her. >> do you have a favorite shape for that home office? >> number 2, jaric jeter. >> in the final all-star game the captain was the star of the show. >> you remember every time you put your uniform on, because trust me, it goes quickly. >> blasting the philippines,
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packing 93-mile-an-hour winds. >> hershey is raising prices. cocoa prices are soaring. the average increase will be about 8%. >> all that -- >> close call for a pilot in alaska after he nearly landed his upon toon plane on a whale. president obama got a rare chance to drive a car, even if it was a virtual drive. >> -- and all that matters. >> the first for the fdny, the first female on an all male calendar. >> how old are you? >> i'm not going go there. >> i'm very sad you're not going to be on tv anymore. >> i'm very sad about that. this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off and margaret brennan is here.
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great to see derek jeter have such a great all-star game last night. >> a great tribute to him. >> we begin with severe weather. severe ran and flooding in the northeast. thousands lost power. >> the storms put on quite a show. lightning hit several new york city skyscrapers including the new one world trade center. don dahler is in fort lee, new jersey near the washington bridge where the storm caused a nightmare for drivers. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. traffic is moving now but yesterday traffic was a mess with traffic coming to a screeching halt as water flowed onto the busy roadways. awe caused by a severe weather system that flooded the area. >> this flood was crazy. >> it was a day-long deluge bringing up to 4 inches of rain to the region. the powerful system brought a nonstop barrage of lightning and
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thunder, some that took direct aim at new york city's empire state building. on the city streets the relendless rainfall brought water to a standstill including this. >> we didn't realize why we backed up until we got to this one area, an underpass and it was up to the bomb of everyone's car. flooding. this was bad. >> reporter: traveling uchbds ground wasn't easy either. across new jersey the cleanup has already begun after powerful winds knocked down trees i was listening to see if my daughter was crying and she was and when i went up the stairs i could hear wind rushing down my hallway. >> reporter: the wind caused similar damage in massachusetts where tornado warnings were inned. >> it was windy. i said, i kind of like a good thunderstorm and then all of a sudden a huge bank and all of a
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sudden the house shook. >> even those living in the area their whole lives the damage was unbelievable. >> in all my 85 years this was a doozy. >> reporter: it's been drizzling on and off, but heavier rain is expected this morning. utility crews are already on the ground trying to restore power to some 13,000 customers. charlie. >> don, thanks. another storm flufter caused flash flooding in eastern idaho. heavy rain and quarter sized hail slammed the city of rexburg tuesday. meteorologist eric fisher of cbs station wbz is watching severe weather across the country. eric, good morning. >> we've had our fair share of storms, no question about that. good morning, everyone. squeezed out just along that i-95 corridor and we'll be done with the storm in the east. still a flash flood threat from the boston area down toward new york city. another 1 to 3 inches due today.
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then things are going to shift a little bit. severe weather threat, hail likely and damaged wind gusts and very heavy rainfall. in fact, for the next few day, this is the spot we're going to watch. all that cool air across the midwest combined with low air, brings in the moisture and all that the storms could develop bringing heavy rainfall from denver to oklahoma city. 2 to 5 inches over the next few days. it could cause flash flooding but it's beneficial for the drought that they're experiencing. in terms of temperatures, very hot in the west today, especially the pacific northwest. a deadly storm is forcing dozens of people out of their home. typhoon rammasun has hit.
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it could hit china by the weekend. seth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the strongest storm to hit the philippines. they remember the incredible damage from typhoon haiyan that struck the philippines last fall, so today they were facing for the worst. this typhoon called rammasun, a term for god of thunder, lashed the philippines today with 90-plus-mile-per-hour winds. the capital was spared but more than 70 cities and thousands evacuated. residents tried to reinforce roofing and strengthen filmy homes. some areas received months of rain in just hours and residents were forced to navigate floodwaters. heavy winds knocked down trees,
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blocking roadways and causing blackouts. the typhoon nicknamed glenda blew ashore. there were no estimates of the damage in a country that sees roughly 24 typhoons each year. there are still some lingering concerns about this storm surge as the typhoon heads offshore and out into the south china sea where it is forecast to pick up strength and target here in china later this week. charliesome. >> seth, thanks. this morning is real is preparing for major air assaults on the northern part of gaza. rocket attacks between israel and gaza are intensifying. holly williams is in gaza where they're told to clear out for
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their own safety. and holly, you just had your own scare. >> reporter: good morning. just a few minutes ago think launch add rocket very close to our position in the field behind me. our cameras were rolling and the rocket made an enormous noise as it passed overhead. and that follows a night of heavy air strikes here after palestinian militants rejected a cease-fire propose by egypt. both sides have now resume third attacks. the cease-fire plan is dead, unleashing another wave of violence. in southern gaza two men were killed by a direct hit on their car. more than 200 palestinians have lost their lives in israeli air strikes. officials here say most were
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civilians. the israeli military warned it planned to bombard the area. >> we've all gone mad, said this man. for god's sake end this conflict. i don't know who's worse, the jews or the arabs. yesterday israel suffered its first death during this escalation. man hit by a rocket while delivering food to israeli soldiers near the border with gaza. palestinian militants took fire of more than a thousand rockets into southern israel but many of them have been shut down by the country's iron dome anti-missile defense system. in gaza they have no defenses. israel says it's destroying rocket launches and command centers used by the militants, but in reality many of the targets are homes. the united nations says more than 500 homes have been hit by air strikes.
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why does israel have to stop fighting first? why is it up to them? >> because they began and they're targeting the civilians. >> reporter: but as usual in this decades-long conflict both sides blame each other. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country has no choice but to expand its offensive first. charliesome. >> thanks. the beginning of his third term in office comes with his regime still waging a civil war. assad vowed to fight what he called terrorism until security is restored to all of syria. a high-profile immigration activist is free this morning. jose antonio vargas is a pulitzer-prize-winning journalist. he was taken yesterday at an airport for being in this
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country illegally. anna werner is tracking these developments. good morning, anna. >> good morning. vargas traveled to mcallen, texas, last week in solidarity with the immigrants detained there. after he arrived he was surprised to learn that his immigration status could become an issue when he returned to the airport. jose antonio vargas knew he was taking a risk by trying to fly out to los angeles. a friend who went to the airport with him on tuesday captured this exchange with a border patrol agent at the security checkpoint. moments later he was taken in handcuffs. vargas has been living illegally in the u.s. since he was 1 2 years old. a prominent activist he has testified before congress and has travel aid cross the country speaking about immigration
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issues. at most airports they onto check his name. but in mcallen, a 20-minute drive to mexico they also review the immigration status of departing passengers and there are check points along the highways. vargas spoke about his situation. before shortly before he was apprehended he printed this and directed his 15,000 followers to other twitter accounts for updates. reporters say his experience highlights it. >> now the nation is going to know we're trapped and have always been trapped here. >> despite his notability and notoriety he said in 2012 they seem unconcerned about his case. >> there's 11.5 million of us,
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right? and most people have not been encountered and so i'm not even in their database. >> on tuesday that finally changed. well, the department of homeland security says vargas was processed at a nearby border patrol station. then after consultation with immigration and customs enforcement, he was given a notice to appear before an immigration judge and later released on his own reconnaissance. >> anna, thanks. a child was trapped on a sweltering june day. this morning the attorney representing the mother liana harris, is blasting the media over her lack of emotion. he said, quote, liana's every word, action, or emotion or failure to cry in front of the crowd is scrutinized for some supposed hidden meaning, end quote. liana harris is not charged with
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a crime. ry rikky klieman is with us. what do you think? >> he's doing a spectacular job. he decided he had to go out front and say, hey, wait, what if you were a parent and you lost your child and you were truly innocent, how horrific would this before if you? he has two audience, the public, the potential jury pool, and he also has the media. the downside is the news cycle. we're talking about it today. i know here we try to give both sides of the issue but on certain other stations and of course in social media people can blast people. >> interestingly it did not mention the husband and father. >> it did not. i think this is the time for mr. zimmerman, who has an excellent
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reputation to do what he needs to do for his client. he wants to push it back on the media who's taken odd actions, suspicious actions, labored her guilty, labored her a baby killer when she could have been totally innocent. think of what that could do to you if you were a parent? >> if you were liana's lawyer what would you advise her. stay in the spotlight or stay out? >> she needs to stay out. number one i would debrief her and ask if she would take a lie detector test under attorney/client privileges. if she passes the lie detector test, i say, let's look at this. i polygraphed her, i listened to her, she's telling the truth, and i think you should cut her some slack. >> she's in danger of being come policen't? >> she's in danger of becoming
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come police aunt. >> two are critically injured after severe turbulence. this photo shows a fwaping hole in the ceiling right above a passenger. the flight from johannesburg landed safely in hong kong. >> it's 7:17. ahead on "cbs this morning" we' we'll check on headlines around the globe. plus hillary clinton enters into the lion
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places. an all-star tribute over one of baseball's greatest. >> plus controversy over one of derek jeter's hits. >> the news is back in the
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." time to show you some of this morning's headlines. fed chair janet yellen wraps up two days of hearings. she testified that the fed might race the interest rates sooner than later. newly released documents shows that general motors for years avoided answering questions about a defective ignition switch. that defect is at the center of the recall of millions of gm vehicles this year. documents reveal for the first time that gm refused to answer safety regulators about car crashes links to the defect. gm ceo mary barra testifies before a hearing tomorrow. the san jose mercury news looks at a new partnership between apple and ibm. they will work together to
7:25 am
create business apps and work to sell i phones and ipads. >> the fcc is giving americans more time to voice their concerns. a surge of comments overwhelm the fcc website before last night's deadline leading the agency to extend it to midnight on friday. the fcc hopes to make a decision on the proposal by year's end. and the "los angeles times" says nasa believes it's coming close to providing an earth-like planet of orbiting a star. top scientists say orbiting telescopes being developed will help to make that discovery. when asked if they would lehtonen know e.t.s are out there. the top scientists said, of course, we i would. teenagers in deadly car crashes are more likely to be driving older unsafe used cars
7:26 am
and their parents are more let's start with that forecast and check with katie, good morning. >> i come bearing better weather news, ukee, thank goodness, we are watching our cold front start to make its retreat. we have been dealt hand of additional heavy rain and embedded thunderstorms this morning. it is primarily confined across southeastern, new jersey. lets go to the radar. satellite as well is, on the layer over storm scan three. you can see back edge to the cloud cover. it is just a matter of time, still some showers, primarily out towards shore points but with time skies clear, we will get sunshine, it is cooler by comparison but still warm at 83 degrees. it will feel a lot more comfortable with every passing
7:27 am
hour. lets look good, bob. >> 7:26. good morning. live look at the the schuylkill expressway. in accidents. we are just seeing delays inbound from conshohocken and gladwynn and boulevard through in montgomery drive. down wires though just popped up here inville 'nova waiverly road at mount pleasant road. watch out for local detours and crews responding. last night's storm took down a pole, byberry roadblocked at buck road. traffic using county line road this morning. i-95 woodhaven down to downtown a 24 minute trip and ten minutes coming eastbound on 422 from oaks in through king of prussia, ukee, back to you. another update at 7:55. up next this morning parents of the teen who committed suicide, are now suing his school. more on the cw
7:28 am
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now that marijuana is league in washington state -- you know they made it league. now that it's legal there, a new service is offering to deliver it to your home. deliver marijuana to your home. yeah. yeah. their motto is if it's not there in 30 minuteses, i mean, like, what is time anyway, dude. >> well back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, big, slow, and ugly. pthat is what safety experts sa should be on your mind when you buy a used car. we have results from a first of its kind safety tests. plus trouble at the kennedy compound. we'll look at the suspected intruder. police say he was looking to meet a different famous figure. that's ahead. former secretary of state hillary clinton sat down last
7:31 am
night with another important political player, daily show host jon stewart. he gave many chances to spell out her future. she might have let something spl slip. >> good morning. it was her third time on the show. it was a mostly friendly encounter. stewart wanted to know what is it like to have her every word parsed and family and friends. >> do you like commuting to work or you do like a home office? >> you know, i've spent so many years commuting, i kind of prefer a home office. >> do you have a favorite shape for that home office? >> reporter: clinton's appearance was partially designed to boost lagging sales
7:32 am
of her new book "hard choices" which was just knocked out by a salacious book about the clinton s. while the former secretary of state has not announced plans to run, outside volunteers in a group called ready for hillary have already started gathering. whale hillary is considering her options they have hired 27 staffers and raised donations and increased sale. adam is the expectative director. >> in 2008 she didn't have a group of supporters that she could go back and chip in $5 or knock on doors and make calls. want to make sure this time if she does that, they're here. >> reporter: his group has plenty of company.
7:33 am
he runs "correct the record." they speak on everything from her speak fees to the state department. >> you don't let an attack or news story let something sit i'dably by and think it's going play out on its own. >> reporter: there are just as many groups on the right like the hillary group which vow to wage a way on her image. he said his group will start going after clinton this year both in advertisements and online. >> she has a level behind her. she's started activating. there's no doubt she's campaigns for presidency. so somebody, us, needing to go out and stop her. that's what we're doing. >> reporter: it's so intense she joked about it herself last night. >> you said, i am not running for president. it all stops. do you agree or disagree?
7:34 am
>> i think a lot of people would lose their jobs if it all stops. i've been amazed at what a cottage industry it is so i kind of expect it would continue. >> especially because she had sent no signals to her supporting groups that they should stop raising money and gathering named. in fact, last night when jon stewart asked her what shape office she'd like. she said the kind without any sharp corners. >> always a good way to get around the direct answer. >> i was curious how he was going do it, margaret. but the truth of the matter is mrs. clinton will let us know when she's ready. it won't slip out. it will be very strategic if she does it how she does it. >> exactly. a veteran is facing court this morning after breaking into the kennedy compound. they arrested james lacroix last
7:35 am
night inside ted kennedy jr.'s summer home. police say the suspect told them he was looking for katy perry, the singer. they believe he had been there for hours. >> okay. this morning the parents of a san diego teenager are thinging of a lawsuit against the school. he faced bullying for most of his life. how educators could be held liable. good morning. >> good morning. family believes faculty was aware of the bull yg and the teasing. two weeks after that video went around the school he took his own life. he was a freshman at university city high school. a member of both water polo and water teams he was studying to become an eagle scout. this is his aunt. >> he was great fun-loving kid.
7:36 am
>> reporter: matthew was unknowingly videotaped inside bathroom stall in a locker room. a student posted it on site claiming it showed him masturba masturbating. matthew was soon tormented by his classmates of matthews in school and other districts saw him, teased him. taunted him to no end. >> reporter: he left behind a note saying he could no longer handle school and had no friends. >> once matthews parents read the note and they were baffled at what had happened, they took his coal phone and started texting his friends saying do you know what happened? what happened at school? why did matthew not want to return to school? they started getting feedback from his friends enlightening them to this video.
7:37 am
>> reporter: it alleges the school did nothing to intervene. the school will not comment on this particular case but release add statement that read in part the safety and well being of our students is a top priority. >> it did bring back a lot of memory. >> reporter: it's a very similar incident to what happened in 2010 to jane clemente's son tyler. he was secretly taped while having a sexual encounter with another man. humiliated by that he jumped from the george washington bridge. >> every person if they see someone being harass order intimidated or some type of bullying happening they have a personal responsibility to speak up and say something. >> san diego schools rejected the bur debt's legal claim. meanwhile the teenager who took the video of matthew is due back in court and could be charged
7:38 am
with bullying. a little controversy. the starting shortstop was the star of last night's mid summer classic but there are questions whether he may have had help from a nation ool league pitcher. >> leading off and playing in his 14th all-star game, new york yankee derek jeter. on a chilly july night in minneapolis, new york yankee captain derek jeter took the field for the final time as an all star. players, coaches, and fans at target field saluted the career of the yankee great, a time of the respect he's garnered over the past 20 seasons. >> it was a wonderful moment that i'm always going to remember, the way the fans treated me, to have them all at the all-star game was special. >> this was the 14th time the 40-year-old has played in the mid summer classic. he was 24 in his first all-star game in 1998.
7:39 am
before the game in the clubhouse, jeter addressed his american league teammates. >> this is a fun experience you should shah share with your family, your friends, remember it. you don't know how many opportunities you're going to get and play in it. more importantly when you put your uniform on because trust me, it goes quickly. >> now for the american league, derek jeeter. batting from his familiar spot in the top of the lineup he sliced it down the line. but controversy erupted on social media. reporters claim that pitcher adam wainwright said he had deliberately thrown a couple of pitches for jeter to hit. later in the game he backed off both comments. >> it was missaid. i made a mistake about that. i hope people realize i'm not intentionally giving up hit out
7:40 am
there. >> if he grooved it, thank you. you've still got to hit it. >> that wasn't his only hit. in the seventh he smacked it to right field. as jeter left the field, he received an ovation lasting more than three minutes. >> any player that says they don't want to go to an all-star game is lying to you. this is something everybody wants to be a part of and i was happy to do it. >> such a classy guy. >> i like this. sir derek bam boolds national lead i don't care if he threw it deliberately or not, i don't o care. like derek said, you've got hit it. good to see him do so well always. >> the people who crash tests cars has new advice for parents.
7:41 am
jeff pegues is in washington this morning. >> reporter: remember the first car your parents gave you? was it safe? we're going explain why giving your teenager the family car could be a mistake. ahead on "cbs this morning." i had no idea i had shingles. there was like an eruption on my skin and burning. i'd lift my arm and the pain back here was excruciating. when i went to the doctor his first question was "did you have chickenpox?" i thought it was something that, you know, old people got.
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a new report this morning argues that teenagers need to drive safer cars. teens involved in deadly accidents are more likely to be in older unsafe vehicles. a survey found 83% of parents who bought vehicles for their teenagers chose a used car. jeff pegues is in washington where for the first time they have a list of the safest used cars. good morning. >> good morning. aaa says over the last ten years teen driving deaths are up. when it comes to buying a car for your teenager the rule of
7:46 am
thumb should be to choose big, slow, and ugly. the insurance institute for highway safety says most teenagers are not driving the safest vehicles on the road. research shows parents are choosing used cars and suvs for their sons and daughters by sticking to a budget rather than picking potentially life-saving safety features. >> it's still surprising how many teens are drivinging vehicles that aren't the safest. >> reporter: vehicles providing the most protection are bigger and have safety features which include electronic stability control. >> how does it help a driver? >> it helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle when they're going around the curve or a slippery road and they begin to lose control. it reduces the risk of death in
7:47 am
a crash in half. >> they help them perform well in crash tests. among the best choices under $20,000, the saab, '95 to 2010 or later and the honda crv. they rated good choices under $10,000 the 2009 mercury sable, 2009 subaru legacy, and the nissan rogue, 2008 and later. this is a 2005 rack tl. it's on the good choices list, under $10,000, a 270 horsepower engine. the iihs says when purchasing a car for your teenager try to stay away from high-powered cars, small cars and mini cars. >> that's everythingg
7:48 am
a cable giant is getting a lot of attention today after losing just one customer. >> help me understand why you can't just disconnect us? >> we've been there. the phone call heard around internet ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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good morning, i'm erika von tiehl, we want to get over to katie because it has been a couple days but we have some good news. >> i do, we may not be completely out of the woods just yet and that tells us the story. we have wet weather that is ago i have on storm scan three, and our local area. we have been dealing with some pockets of heavier rain throughout the the morning, generally though it is southern count that is are getting afflicted with this. rest of us are starting to see glimmer of unshine here and there and as we take you out to the neighborhood network cameras sunnies evident outside whitefield elementary school despite puddles, you are clearing out there. that will be the case west to east and more comfortable air mass taking over. tomorrow and friday look looks
7:57 am
nike days as a result, bob. 7:56. live look at the schuylkill expressway running slow here in both directions, live look near the roosevelt boulevard. that is an example of the schuylkill from end to end. lets get to the accidents. one southbound on the northeast extension, just south of the lansdale interchange, and another crash north along 295, right here near black horse pike and that is causing a delay falling back on to the 42 freeway, a crash in lumberton, new jersey along the the eastbound side of route 38 right here near 541 mount holly bypass, erika, back to you. next update 8:25. next up, a new study says deaths from stroke have fallen substantially find out why. your local news weather and traffic continues with us on
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's wednesday, july 16, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including the storm causing floods and power problems from maine to the carolinas. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. utility crews are already on the ground trying to restore power to some 13,000 customers. >> still a flash flood flood especially from the boston area down to new york city. another 1 to 3 inch may be on the way today. >> palestinian militants launch add rocket very close to our position. follows a night of heavy air strikes. >> this is the strongest storm to hit the philippines so far this year.
8:01 am
today they were bracing for the worst. >> zbrars was surprised to learn that his immigration status could become an issue. >> do you prefer to sit in traffic or cause it? >> stewart wanted to know what it's like to have her every word parsed. he argued that the fact that she's still willing to endure it means she's probably going to run. >> when it comes to buying a car for your teenager, the rule of thumb is big, slow, and ugly. >> in the 2014 final all-star game. >> it turns out with 3 billion people online, there's another 4 billion people. >> have you tried carpet bombing them with free aol cds? >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by comfort inn. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and margaret brennan.
8:02 am
norah o'donnell is off. a storm blamed for much in the northeast caused flash flooding around new york city. thousands of homes lost power. thousands of drivers sat in traffic jamts for hours. in the meantime in raleigh, north carolina, they god hit with record rain. the storm hit at the worst possible time right at rush hour with winds up to 50 miles an hour. >> fighting is getting more intense. israel stepped up air strikes after a proposed cease-fire fell apart tuesday. militants are still firing rockets at israel and their military warns civilians to get out of areas where most of the rocket fire is coming from. the latest israeli attacks targeted senior leaders of hamas.& so far the violence has killed one israeli and more than 200 palestinians j. >> in moscow 22 people were kill wherchd the train jumped the
8:03 am
tracks during rush hour yesterday. 136 others were hurt. investigators say this morning that a new rail switch where the train derail was not normally installed. a foreman and his assistant face unspecified charges. on tuesday president obama did a little summon he hasn't done in about six years. >> man. it's so exciting. i haven't been on the road in a long time. >> reporter: the president drove even if it was only in a simulator. he buckled p and cruised down a virtual highway. he's got a bit of a lead foot it seems. he pushed it to nearly 90 miles an hour. mr. obama seemed to enjoy his moment of virtual freedom but he said one thing was missing. >> where's the music? do you guys ever drive down the
8:04 am
highway without music? >> no, sir. >> of course. not. you have to have music. >> daughter malia is 16 and able to drive. he said, quote, any technology that makes driving safer is closer to me. >> i wonder if she'll get a used car like jeff pegues was telling us about. >> we've got to send it over to the white house. we're learned new details about the break-in of sandra bullock's home. she left her bedroom and found a stranger standing in her hallway. kevin frazier with what happened when she came face to face with a stalker. >> reporter: in the early hours of june 18th she woke to loud bangs. swhenlts to close her bedroom door. that's when she allegedly spotted a man in dark clothing in the hallway. bullock then locked herself in
8:05 am
her room and dialed 911. as 39-year-old joshua corbett was taken into custody, he screamed, sandy, i'm sorry. please don't press charges. bur lock never heard corbett enter. she told police she showered and went to bed and only awoke to the loud bangs. the police report does not say how long he was inside her home. aet the time of her arrest he was unarmed but allegedly carried around a handwritten letter. i'll be around as you know i love you signed your husband joshua corbett. he wrote about her 4-year-old son louie who was not at home at the time of the incident. days later he was charged with residential burglary and stalking but after police conducted a search of his home they uncovered an arsenal of weapons and charged him with 19 felonies. this is not bullock's first encounter with a stalker.
8:06 am
in 2010 she filed charges against a mentally ill man who had stalked her off and on for nearly a decade. >> you can't prevent people from doing crazy things. there are mentally ill people out there and obviously celebrities have high exposure. >> reporter: she said while these crimes are not preventable there are ways to protect victims. if he's charged with stalking he may have to register as a sexual offender. if convicted he could spend more than seven years behind bars. for "cbs this morning," kevin frazier, los angeles. >> so scare because she has gate, she has barbed wierks an alarm system and the question is how did he get in the house. they're not releasing those details deliberately. >> what was his intent? >> he thinks that he's married to her. crazy. he thinks he's in love with her. but they don't want to give out too many details because they
8:07 am
don't want to give people ideas but that is so scary. glad she is all right. this morning the nation's largest cable tv provider is apologizing to a california couple for a memorable phone call. they tried to cancel their comcast service. the conversation got so annoy ii ing that he began recording the conversation ten minutes in. >> why don't you want faster speed? help me underwhy you don't want faster internet. >> help me understand why you can't disconnect us. >> i'm trying to figure out what it is about comcast service that you're not liking, that you don't want to keep it. why don't you keep the service. >> this phone call is an amazing rep active example. the way you can help me is by disconnecting the service. >> how is that helping you. >> that's what i want. >> why is that what you want.
8:08 am
>> because that's what i want. >> why don't you simply say i don't have to answer your questions, good-bye. >> charlie, that's what you would do. you know what's so interesting, he recorded it ten minutes into the conversation, so they'd already been talking. >> did they dis connect the service. ? i hope so. comcast has a statement we are very embarrassed by the way the employee spoke and we're going to take quick action. ryan block in a twist of irony happens to be a vice president for aol which faced its own backlash after a similar cancellation qaa in 2006. somebody needs to find that guy who's on the phone to see whats he thinking was. ahead, is 42 the new sexy for women? i was looking for the expert for advice. or is that question just plain sexist. we'll digg into that. >> that
8:09 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by comfort inn. truly yours.
8:10 am
encouraging new this morning about a major public health threat. our doctor is in the toyota green room. we'll tell you with what age group has seen the biggest drop in strokes. they's ahead on "cbsbs this morning."
8:11 am
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in our morning rounds, success in are deucing stroke. a longtime study finds fewer americans are having strokes and those who do have a lower risk of dying. >> the decline is mostly in people over 656789 stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the united states. it's also a major cause of disability. our dr. tara narula is with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> what are we doing right? >> we're doing a lot of things right. 24% is a big one. it comes in prevention and better treatment. over the last 10 or 20 years we've seen an increased use of cholesterol medication, better
8:15 am
or improved blood pressure, better smoke rates and better treatment of things like eight montreal fib lags and we've developed cl eed clot-busters. >> it's not good news for under the age of 65. how come? >> that's right. in the under 65 population there was a plateau in the rate of stroke. that's probably because in this population there's still rising rates of obesity and diabetes and overall those contribute to stroke as well. the problem in the younger population is strokes can be so debilitating. if you haven't seen one, you don't know that it's taking a person in the prime of their life. suddenly they can't move their arm, can't speak. this is life-altering physically an mentally. >> are mem and women at risk? >> they are. when you look annually women
8:16 am
have more strokes than men. most likely bus they live longer. over age 55 your risk doubles. there's hormone status, risk of birth control pills, pregnancy, higher incidences of amontreal def defibrillati defibrillation. >> i had a friend who had a stroke and got to the hospital in time and is fine today. what are the signs? >> if you or someone you know -- "f" stands for face asymmetry. if you ask them to smile and they can't move one side of their face up our dorm. "a" stands for arm weakness. "s" stands for speech difficulty. they can't understand what you're saying or repeat a phrase back to you and the "t" stands for time. they have a great treatments but yo vet to get to the hospital within three hours of onset. you have to get to the hospital
8:17 am
as quickly as you notice one of the symptoms. >> most of the time there are no symptoms. if you get one, go. ahead, the top new topic of conversation at the firehouse. >> the photographer came over and said everyone take take your shirts off and i was like, is he talking to me? like am i included in on this? and she was. we'll meet the fire fight err adding a little cheesecake to a beef cake calendar. ahead on "cbs this morning." i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day
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that reminds us that life is delicious.
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8:21 am
it's a hot morning here in new york city. the city's fire department is out with its new charity calendar. it features everyday heroes who they also say are very good looking but this year it's also making history. michelle miller is at a firehouse in mants and she talked to the first woman ever featured. >> reporter: good morning. well, it may be the summer of 2014 but it's feeling already like 2015. the new calendar honors 150 years of the fdny and we were one of the lucky few to get an autographed copy. crowds battled the new york heat
8:22 am
tuesday for an up close encounter with 13 of new york's bravest. >> hot and sweater. i don't know if it's the guys or the sun. >> reporter: but this year the guys had to make room for miss march. bronx firefighter. >> i work for guys, accountable to the guys so it's like going to work. >> do you feel like she's stiff competition? >> absolutely. >> dellin morgan is mr. august. >> it's great. it represents a diverse city. >> she said she always wanted to be part of the famed calendar. >> i always wanted to represent women on the job to show that women can do this job. >> reporter: an 11-year veteran of fdny she's one of 44 female firefighters in the department. women make up less than 1% of the force. did neveren s anyone ever say yo
8:23 am
this? >> one said it was only for men. someone said i would look like a pinup girl if i was in the calendar. >> reporter: last year's call convinced her the time was right. she auditioned with more than 100 shirtless male fighters. >> the photographer came over and said, everyone take your shirts off. i just looked around and thought, is he looking at me? like am i included in on this? >> reporter: that didn't matter. she made the cut. donning suspenders and a tank top she earned a spot in march which also happens to be blake history month. . did you see it? >> her personality was glowing. it came out like she was meant to be there. it was pretty cool. >> ho you do think the picture looks. >> i think she could probably show a little more skin. >> like you guys? >> absolutely, absolutely.
8:24 am
>> either way, she hopes her ground breaking move will help boost female recruitment proving beauty and bravery go hand in hand. >> before you step foot into that firehouse, you have to tell yourself i'm willing to risk my life to save someone else's and that doesn't matter what gender you are. >> well, it's not all about just eye candy. the proceeds, all of them, go to the fdny foundation which helped to promote fire safety to the public and to provide training and equipment to firefighters. gayle? >> that's right. thank you, michelle. we have to remember the charity component. everybody looks good in suspenders. esquire magazine gets hit for saying 42-year-old women are sexy. what's wrong with that compliment or condescending. find out ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:25 am
good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. our sister radio station kyw news radio reports an announcement is expected today from the company that wants to buy the fill gas works. there are rumors connecticut based uhl holdings could drop out of the billion dollar sale but city hall observers don't think that will happen. council members have not scheduled a hearing on the mega deal. mayor says some of the sale money will be invested in city pension fund. we will continue to follow this for you. right now lets get latest with the weather. here's katie. >> generally speaking things are looking up out there we have been dodging very heavy pockets of rain mainly toward shore points and delaware beaches but at the moment we still do have have activity to track out there but skies are
8:26 am
starting to clear nicely from northwest to south east, dryer air starts to take over. so that said heavier moisture is actually out to sea. give it time. even if you are at the shore and trying to get in beach time it is just a matter of time before you get in sunshine. 83 degrees the expected high in the city of of philadelphia and under clear skies tonight it is so much more comfortable if you want to forgo that air conditioning for a change. next couple days looks great. mid 80's expecting more than anything sunshine as high pressure takes the lead. weekend is not looking too bad, bob, over to you. 8:26. accident in lumberton, new jersey that involves one of those glass trucks, the trucks that carry plane glass on either side, that truck, involve in the crash, there is glass all over the red way, 38 side, eastbound, right at route 541, mount holly bypass, then a crash north on the boulevard at harbison and delayed south on i-95 from cottman in through girard avenue. ukee, back over to you.
8:27 am
next update 8:55. up next this morning first female fire fighter to be feature in the fdny's annual calendar of heroes. for more local news weather traffic and sports we are on the cw philly on these channels. i'm ukee washington g
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
this is how the president had to deal with the day. >> president obama spent all morning doing this. yes, who is this? >> good morning. this is jimt from visa fraud protection. i'm calling to go over some charges on your account. >> >> yes, go ahead. >> did you recently buy an inflatable. >> no. >> what about a bee keeping keep? >> i'm an amateur bee keeper. so that's a yes? >> yes. >> thank you for your time, sir. bye. >> that is how it goes.
8:31 am
the fraud people go did you spend that much money? >> welcome whack to "cbs this morning." coming up this hour, backlash over what a men's magazine considers sexy. what they're calling praise over 42-year-old women sexist. daniel silva is in our toyota green room and he'll show us how he brought his obsession of stolen art to his pages of a new book. that, too, is ahead. right now it's time to tell you some of this morning's headlines. the "los angeles times" says hershey is raising its chocolate price by 8%. the reason, the rising cost of cocoa. there's increased demand and bad weather impacting growers. >> our partners at cnet looks at security. they have their own team to
8:32 am
prevent attackers. they can be can skplouted by hackers. the "daily news" says thor is getting a makeover. he will become female. turning the god of thunder into a goddess are saying the comics are dominated by men. >> the salt lake tribune has a birth announcement. two condors hatch a chick. it could be a major step toward re-establishing the major species in southern utah. "usa today" says china found the fossil of a new winged dinosaur species. this is an illustration of what the 125-million-year-old would look like. it is among the few four-winged dinosaurs ever found. >> all right. it's a look. and "the wall street journal"
8:33 am
says your feet may explain why your shoes don't fit you. a study shows feet are getting bigger and if you haven't checked your shoe size in the last year you may be buying shoes that are too small. tight shoes can cause bunions, hammer toes, and a whole lot of pain. in praise of 42-year-old women is sparking a huge conversation on line. the author writes, quote, there used to be something tragic about teen most 42-year-old woman. if she remained sexual she was either predatory or desperate but then he declares good news, it's not wait used to be. >> so "esquire" points to celebrities like sofia vergara and leslieman. it's not that they identified female strength but rather their vulnerabilities.
8:34 am
that so-called compliment has outraged many of the women. jennifer wallace is not the author of the piece but has something to say about it. she's contributed to "the wall street journal." here you are. you sit at the table at the age f o -- >> 42. >> okay. so we're talking about you. what is the controversy? i know all over the internet there was collective eye rolls about it. >> why? >> there were two things. one was the tone that the had somehow made this huge discovery, 42-year-old like cameron diaz are beautiful and sexy and hot. i think that was insulting and the other is perpetuating this myth that women are objects and objects that hold their value e depend upon a man's gauge. so at 42 we have value. we don't need to be sexy. >> i'm sorry. how old is the author? >> in his 50s.
8:35 am
>> oh. >> exactly. >> was there any response there? >> there was actually a funny counterarticle to this. i can't remember where it was published but talking about the myth of a 55-year-old man. >> i don't know. i have to tell you this does not bother me. he's saying women are sexy at 42. the truth of the matter is after you pass the age of 25 or 30 you were no longer sexy. when they did the movie requestet the graduate" with mrs. robinson, she was 42 at the time. she looks drastically different. i'm missing something. i thought what is the big deal about this. women are sexy at 42. and? >> we already knew it. one, we already knew it or, two, my friends said it's a priority. our careers are take off, we're raising our family and we're meeting our mates. if sexy is on the list, it's low on the list. >> do you think it would have
8:36 am
been different if women had written this article? >> i don't think they would because that's objecty fiei t y it and i don't understand. >> i don't get it, jennifer. do you understand why the brouhaha, charlie? >> he's very quiet. >> very careful. >> what am i missing? >> i mean i just love women of all ages period for all the reasons, smart, interesting, sexy, funny, and sexy. >> and women are sexy at any age. the truth is we're living longer, we're looking better than ever before. so women in their 50s, 60s, 40s, everybody can look sexy. it's not just celebrities. they say, yeah, it's celebrities, they have these glam squads. look at you. i hate to say everyday people because that sounds condescending but when you walk on the streets you see women of all ages and when you say how
8:37 am
old are you, you think, wow, you look great. >> it's not to look sexy for a man. what's youthful to women at least my friends and i, it's staying healthy, great fit so we can be a great partners to our partners or see our children grow up. not to be sexy to a man. that's not where i see my value. >> think where you're heading at, gayle, is really important in terms of redefining age and what sexy is but this idea of age restrictions comes up all the time. there was a poll in london. i don't know if you saw it recently. what's appropriate for your age? very steep high heels shouldn't be worn by women over 32. i didn't get that memo. baseball caps shouldn't be worn by anyone over 32. >> women, you can't wear a bikini over age 38. it seems like it's totally
8:38 am
passe. >> i totally agree but it's the wrong question. who's doing these surveys and why do we care? we also should be celebrating. if my mother can wear high heels, god bless her. i'm always in flats. >> i say that too. god bless you, mr. louboutin. jennifer, thank you so much. >> thank you, gayle. best-selling author dan silva is in studio 57. he'll show us how a $20
8:39 am
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8:42 am
"the thomas crown affair" stars pierce burlingtonson as a wealthy man who pulls off an art heist. art heist is also the subject of dan ya silva's new book, "the heist."
8:43 am
>> going inside the secret world of stolen art to save his friend, daniel silva joins us at the table. good morn, daniel silva. >> thanks for having me. >> i was googling at the same time. i wanted to look up the pieces you were talking about. because the purpose behind this book started with your obsession of the still missing today carvacc carvaccio's nativity scene. >> kind of a wild man. killed man in rome in a sword fight. ended u on the run. he ended up in sicily where he ended up -- one of the last paintings of his career was this nativity with saint francis and saint lawrence. it hung in this chapel until a dark and stormy night in 1969. they didn't do it like thomas
8:44 am
crown. they slashed it from the frame and whaalked out with it. >> it remains missing today. >> it's missing today. number one. the italians were the very first ones to form a dedicated unit and it remains at the top of the fbi list as well. they list it at a value of about $20 million. no way. it's worth at least 100. it's priceless. >> do you know these guying well, this art squad detective? >> i don't actually. i keep a little distance. i wanted to create my fictitious general ferrari who's in a couple of books but i do have incredible contacts within the art world and i've heard some air raising stories. you remember the famous gardner heist in boston. i have a friend who swears on a stack of bibles that he walked
8:45 am
in to an apartment in tokyo saw one of the paintings at the end of the hallway. >> wait, wait wait? what did he do about it? did he call police? >> he made appropriate inquiries. that's all i can say. >> you say art theft is a really big business. >> it is. it is. 4 to $6 billion by intell poll's estimates of art -- paintings and other objects go missing every year. 4 to $6 billion. that means art crime is the fourth most lucrative form of illicit activity in the world. >> why don't we hear about it? >> because it is a crime generally perpetrated against rich individuals who sometimes don't report everything that's stolen from them. institutions. and there's a lot of crime in the world. that was one of the things that police forces ha to overcome is
8:46 am
that this sort of indifference to art crime because it's a crime commit largely against the art world. >> what's great. somebody sits in with google -- >> my worst nightmare. >> oh. your worst nightmare. >> it's something writers have to contend with now, right? we all sit with, no matter what we say. >> somebody can look it up. >> i'm very careful about every aspect of research that goes into it. >> what's interesting about this story is the notion that somebody -- that gabriel has to save his wife's friend by finding the painting. >> he was pressured into it. he has a dear friend who has appeared who has a way of stumbling into trouble all the time. >> that's a good way of putting it.
8:47 am
>> that's a nice way of putting it. >> gayle knows it. >> off we go. >> art theft or ownership is a great way to conceal wealth also. i thought it was interesting the former jurjt in you coming out talking about the assad family and the revolutions and the arab world inspiring. >> well -- it leads them to a mysterious collector in the middle east and directly into the heart of the syrian civilian war. as you know, one of the most fascinating aspects of the arab spring is the way it laid there. i lived in egypt. we knew that the mubarak family had it pretty good. but when he fell -- i mean by some estimates he was worth 70 billion dollars. that would make him one of the richest men in the world.
8:48 am
moammar canagadhafi had at leas that much. professional hunters are trying to track down that money. >> u.s. governments. >> they're trying to track down the money. if we can find it we can apply leverage and ask them to moderate their behavior. >> this is another thing i want to point out. you do everything on yellow legal paper. >> my handwriting is worse than yours. >> that's not a compliment. mine is bad. >> daniel silva, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. a new video showing a plane nearly making a humpbacked landing. and new tomorrow morning jason segel. he was on "how i met your moe." now he's co-starring in "sex tape." that's tomorrow.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
you certainly don't see this at jfk or l.a.x. he's pulling up. there's a whale on the water. if you look closely, you can see the spray coming up. the whale we should say was not hurt and the plane found another spot to land. he said he never saw the whale. he was reacting to the crowd telling him to pull up, pull up, pull up. that's pretty good. he did it at the right time.
8:53 am
>> that does it for us. >> that was quick. >> be sure to tune
8:54 am
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good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. philadelphia police are questioning, a person of interest in the murder of a recent college graduate and we have learn charges are expect sometime today. the autopsy revealed 23 year-old laura araujo, was strangled and then beaten to death before someone stuffed her body in a duffle bag. it was last, trash near vacant property in kensington on monday. police say man in custody lived in the victim's, apartment building. >> lets get your forecast with kate i, and, hoping for changing. >> we will see, transition taking place, half of the delaware valley starting to get in on more comfort and half of us are still left with rain. lets go out to storm scan three and regional zoom here.
8:56 am
it shows that generally the heavier of our showers and rain are basically out to sea right now but we are still left with the shore points plenty of clouds and certainly still that possibility of lingering shower or flat out just pocket of rain before the morning is all said and done. maybe in the early afternoon before completely clears. but skies are clearing as we speak over philadelphia and will continue, to. so much more comfortable by tonight. forgo air conditioning for a change and save on the energy bill for another night. very, very pleasant with high pressure taking lead. as we look to the weekend, we are looking good here. maybe a stray shower or storm by sunday, bob. >> 8:56. an accident on city avenue at lancaster avenue in front of the seminary. watch for delays there crash over in lumberton route 38 eastbound right at route 541. that involves a big clean up because crash involved one of those glass trucks. so there is broken glass all over the roadway and throughout the day, the platt bridge will go down to one lane in each direction, as they install, new, speed limit
8:57 am
signs, and, effective at 3:00 o'clock, that speed limit will go from 45, down to 35, and i bet they will be looking to enforce that speed limit beginning this afternoon, erika, back to you. >> all right bob, thank you. that is eyewitness news for now, have h have a great day. it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most.
8:58 am
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